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HBOT for Anti-aging

The cells on the surface of the skin and the underlying supportive tissues depend on a steady supply of nutrients, especially oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, or when the supply is limited, these cells gradually begin to malfunction and die. Unfortunately, the simple act of breathing does not guarantee that all the cells in your body will receive the amount of oxygen they need to thrive. Fortunately, this can be corrected through HBOT in Woodland Hills

HBOT for Anti-aging | Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Woodland Hills

Anti-aging Benefits of Oxygen

Oxygen in your body performs various function, including feeding the cells and carrying away waste products such as harmful free radical toxins and cellular debris. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is intended to bathe the body with oxygen to feed all your body cells and stimulate blood flow.

Your DNA and body cells can be damaged by different factors, including UV radiation, stress, environmental pollutants, tobacco smoke, chemicals, normal cellular function, and even DNA replication errors. Your body counters the effects by constantly generating new cells as the old one die.

HBOT is a regenerative therapy that helps the damaged cells to heal by supplying an abundance of oxygen to various body parts to hasten recovery, reduce arthritic pain, reduce inflammation, and ultimately improve your skin quality.

The increased circulation and oxygen supply improves the quality of your skin by repairing damaged cells and reducing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging. The same treatment is also useful for eliminating cellular waste and cleansing toxins from the system, which promotes healing after surgery, trauma, or other injury and alleviated serious health conditions.

HBOT is also known to help relieve stress and make it easier to relax, which translated to better sleep and rest at night. Studies show that deep, restful sleep promotes healing and rejuvenation for the body and the skin.

How Many Sessions of HBOT Do You Need?

When using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anti-aging or rejuvenation, it is best that you do it under the guidance of a practitioner to ensure that the set pressure is sufficient to kill and eliminate all harmful pathogens. Depending on your body’s response to HBOT, you may need between 20 and 40 treatments.

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