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How HBOT Works

For you to experience the hyperbaric oxygen treatment in a healthcare setting, you need a prescription. HBOT chambers are Class II medical-grade equipment, which means that they’re regulated by the FDA, and can only be administered if recommended by a medical specialist, usually as part of a larger treatment plan.

How HBOT Works

Most of the oxygen in your body is bound to hemoglobin in your blood, which is about 97% saturated under normal pressure conditions. However, some oxygen is also carried in other body fluids, including blood plasma and lymph. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy seeks to maximize the amount of oxygen carried in these fluids.

The result is up to 10 times more oxygen being delivered to all your body parts, including areas where red blood cells cannot pass or tissues with impaired hemoglobin function or concentration. For optimal results, you should also avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes and similar products to establish a neutral sensory environment and to avoid interrupting other users in hyperbaric multiplace chambers.

Who Can Benefit From HBOT?

Everyone can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including mountain climbers and professional athletes, why can use the treatment to prevent muscle fatigue, improve recovery from injury, and decrease lactic acid buildup.

But the benefits of exposure to pure oxygen are not just limited to the treatment of injury and sickness. Indeed, HBOT improves the immune function. It increases the release of oxygen free radicals that oxidize membrane lipids and proteins, destroy DNA, and restrict bacterial metabolic functions. This treatment is most effective against anaerobes, and improves the bacteria killing action of white blood cells.

A good number of people seek a HBOT prescription to improve their quality of life. New studies suggest that hyperbaric oxygenation slows cell death, or apoptosis, which is the biggest contributor to visible aging.

But Not Everyone is a Good Candidate for HBOT

There are a few situations under which you may be prevented from entering a hyperbaric chamber, like when you’re intoxicated, have an ear infection or ear canal problems, or experiencing a cold or flu.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Woodland Hills, CA

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