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Welcome to Our Hyperbaric Center Blog

Welcome to our Hyperbaric Center Blog, a place for us to host dialogue about hyperbaric treatments! We’re passionate about this treatment because we’ve seen first hand how successful it is. With a multitude of both mental and physical benefits ranging from improving brain function to easing arthritic pain, hyperbaric treatment is pure modern medicine.


Hyperbaric Center for Advanced Healing

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

How can one treatment help so many people? It’s not magic, although our patients aren’t convinced. You know a treatment is special when the conditions treated range from Alzheimer’s Disease and neurological disorders to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. The highly technical hyperbaric chamber exposes an individual to 100 percent oxygen, with levels higher than atmospheric pressure. Oxygen? That’s it? Yes. Our levels of oxygen are three times the concentration of oxygen at regular atmospheric pressure. When oxygen levels reach such heights, a few things occur, including oxygen saturation, hyper oxygenation, and increased neurological function.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

What Should I Expect from Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments?

Hyperbaric chambers treat a plethora of conditions, many of which would traditionally require treatment in a hospital. Instead, you can now lay down and relax during your treatment. Do you want to watch the news? Go for it. Or maybe you’d rather take a nap. That’s fine too. Add in a little smooth jazz and we’re sailing off to dreamland—just for an hour or two. Then your treatment is done, and you’ll leave feeling better each time.

It sounds pretty cool, right? We think so too. Give us a call to request an appointment at (818)629-8988.

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