What Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Do?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an alternative form of medicine that has been steadily growing in popularity as a treatment for many different conditions. HBOT is a prescribed treatment that has been approved by the FDA for many different conditions that are traditionally treated in hospitals. Our hyperbaric chambers meet or exceed the latest guidelines governing hyperbaric chamber manufacturing and installation.

Hyperbaric Center for Advanced Healing uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help our patients find relief and/or resolution from conditions that cannot be treated effectively and efficiently through the use of other traditional methods.

What Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Do? | Oxygen Therapy, HBOT Chamber

HBOT involves the use of a highly technical piece of equipment, known as a hyperbaric chamber, in which an individual is exposed to a manipulated environment that is comprised of 100% oxygen, at pressures greater than atmospheric pressure. The word, “hyperbaric,” is defined as “high-pressure.” For therapeutic purposes, the gas used is pure oxygen. The gas pressure applied in these advanced chambers can reach levels that deliver as much as three times the concentration of oxygen at regular atmospheric pressure.

The core ideology behind exposing ourselves to this amount of oxygen in a controlled environment is to encourage the body’s natural healing process to work quickly and efficiently, by saturating the blood and tissues with high concentrations of oxygen. HBOT chambers can deliver the increased oxygen levels that your body may need in order to recover from ailments that may otherwise not heal due to insufficient oxygen or require a lengthy amount of time at normal levels.

How Does It Work/What is the Treatment Like?

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The main principle behind our advanced hyperbaric chambers is simple: We encase your body in an environment that is comprised of 100% oxygen, at pressures greater than at sea level, which causes a variety of positive events to occur within your body as the oxygen moves through your blood vessels, tissues, and plasma.

Hyperbaric Chambers Offer Benefits that Occur Naturally

Oxygen Saturation

When the body becomes overloaded or saturated with oxygen, displacement must occur somewhere to compensate for this sudden increase. Infection loves to house itself in areas where anaerobic bacteria are thriving (low oxygen environments). When we introduce a higher concentration of oxygen to the blood, anaerobic bacteria are no longer able to thrive and begin to die off, while aiding in the growth of more white blood cells, responsible for digesting bacteria and fungi.

The same concept applies to the toxic gas, carbon monoxide. These gases enter your bloodstream in very small, minute amounts, but the exposure to an environment filled with 100% oxygen literally forces the gases out of your body, removing the chance for any damage to be done.


Hyperoxygenation is the exactly the way it sounds: Hyper, meaning increased, oxygen levels. The result is an increased plasma concentration, which is excellent in providing immediate support to any areas of your body that are not receiving a steady blood flow – which could be inhibiting healing from certain injuries.

Neurological Function

Exposure to increased oxygen levels stimulates blood flow, metabolism, and tissue growth in those suffering from neurological damage or disorders such as stroke, brain injuries, autism, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions. However, research in those areas still continues.

What To Expect

If you're interested in our hyperbaric treatments, then you can expect a safe environment that is not only non-invasive, but painless as well. Because you are exposed to increased levels of pressure, your ears may begin feeling a fullness that is very similar to what you feel inside of an airplane as it prepares for takeoff. Our technicians are by your side for the duration of the treatment and will offer you different techniques on how to eliminate any discomfort.

As you lay comfortably in our chamber, you will be able to sit back, relax, watch a movie, sleep, or listen to music as your body is healing. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition you are being treated for, but the average treatment time can be anywhere from one to two hours. The number of treatments recommended also varies depending on which condition you are being treated for. Consult with your doctor on what is best for you and we will accommodate their requests.

HBOT Has Been Around for Awhile

An interesting fact is that this form of medicine has its roots dated all the way back to the 1600s. The only difference now is that modern technology, research, and science have given way to designing and engineering high-tech machines that have shown effective use in treating many common ailments.

If you have any questions regarding HBOT, then be sure to visit our FAQ section.