At the Hyperbaric Center for Advanced Healing, we are committed to providing our clients in Woodland Hills with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to support and quicken your post-surgical recovery.

HBOT Surgery Recovery | Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Woodland Hills

Rest is an important factor for proper recovery after surgery. But if waiting a few weeks or months seems too long for you, HBOT can help you recover faster by significantly enhancing your own body’s healing mechanism.

How It Works

HBOT is a fairly old, non-invasive healing technology that has only recently found new applications for restoring wellness by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood that is circulating to your body tissues. During the treatment, you inhale pure oxygen while relaxing in a pressurized chamber.

Unlike the air we breathe in that only contains 21% oxygen, HBOT utilizes 100% oxygen. But simply increasing the oxygen supply in your blood does not mean that your body will make good use of it. By administering the treatment at two to three times the standard atmospheric pressure, your body is able to safely increase the oxygen uptake in the blood, plasma, and body tissues.

The oxygen-enriched blood floods your body tissues and offers various benefits, including faster healing of damaged cells, like following an injury, trauma, or surgery.

Other benefits of HBOT after surgery include:

  • Reduced pain, bruising, and swelling
  • Anti-bacterial protection - reduced risk of post-surgery infections and complications
  • Reduced discomfort - increased relaxation for good sleep
  • Faster healing of scars
  • Faster recovery

Many surgeons today recommend HBOT to their patients before and after surgery. Each sessions lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Schedule Your HBOT Session Today

The Hyperbaric Center for Advanced Healing aims at providing you with a comfortable and serene post-surgery recovery setting that will make your experience with us much more pleasant. If you would like to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Woodland Hills, either before or after your surgical procedure, please contact us to discuss a schedule that works for you.