Hyperbaric Center for Advanced Healing

Preparing For Your Treatments

  1. Each patient is given a dressing room to store personal items such as clothing. We recommend that all valuable items are left at home, and HCAH is not responsible for any stolen, lost or damaged personal items.
  2. We will provide you 100% cotton to wear during your treaments. Undergarments must be 100% cotton. Street clothes are not permitted in the chamber at any time.
  3. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your appointment to allow time to change into the provided scrubs.
  4. Before your appointment, do not use body lotions, lipstick, nail polish, or hair products such as hairsprays, oils, or gel based products. Do not use any cologne, perfume, deodorant, or alcohol-based products before treatment.
  5. If you get your nails professionally done, such as acrylic or gels, please allow 48 hours for drying.
  6. Do not use any petroleum products such as vaseline or neosporin. If you are not sure if a product is petroleum based, please inform your technician.
  7. Please let your Hyperbaric Tech know of any medications you are taking, or if you have changed or started any new medications.
  8. No personal items are permitted into chambers with you. We have a television; you can bring your favorite DVD or choose one from our Library.
  9. If you have implanted devices (pacemakers, joint replacement hardware, etc.), they must be able to undergo chamber pressure. We will contact the manufacturer of your device to obtain information that it's cleared for hyperbaric treatments.
  10. Before entering the chamber please remember to remove any dentures, hearing devices, eyeglasses and jewerly.
  11. All dental work must be completed. No unfinished root canals or temporary caps.
  12. No smoking at least two hours before and after treatment. This is necessary for your treatments to be effective since smoking constricts the blood vessels and interferes with the body's ability to transport oxygen.
  13. To maintain privacy, no visitors in the chamber room with exceptions of a parent with their child.
  14. No carbonated drinks, alcohol or coffee at least 4 hours before therapy.
  15. If for any reason you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please notify us if possible 24-hours in advance to avoid cancelation charges.

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